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Ernest Sinakaryan

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My name is Ernest Sinakaryan and this is my story…

In the age of 15 I fell in love with a girl, the most beautiful in the world. But after some time she moved to another country and I’ve never seen her again. Her departure was unexpected and she hadn’t left me anything except for broken heart and good memories.

Time was running and her face began to fade from my memory.

An ordinary story… But since that time I’ve always tried to capture the most significant events not only in memory but also on photo. My parents’ camera was my permanent companion, I took photos of everything around me but my favorite object was girls. Years has passed, I’m still taking lots of photos and I’m really succeeded in this area.

Now it’s time to introduce myself: my name is Ernest Sinakaryan and I’m one of the most famous fashion photographers in Kiev, Ukraine.

I love what I’m doing, photo is my life and only thanks to it I have everything what I dreamed about: money, luxury cars, my own model agency and Angel Photo Studio.

I work as a photographer at Ukraine Fashion Week, Miss Ukraine, SUPERMODELS and at other fashion events. My works are published in different magazines like She, Look, Hairs, Fashion, VIP, TV WEEK, Vitrina.ua.

I have been working as a photographer for 24 years and I have a very attractive and wide collection of unique photos in different genres: black and white photos, nude, portrait etc. The only thing that unites them is the beautiful models.

Mass Media About Me

“Entertaining, original and shining, Ernest Sinakaryan leads nude photography to highest standards of sublime art. He transmits passion in a master’s way through controlled light and shadows, his style is dynamic, original and peculiar at the same time.”

Ernest, a Kyiv-based artist with Armenian roots, has a long and successful experience as a fashion photographer. He spent 24 years shooting models, he’s a true artist and an expert in photography. There is some special tenderness in Ernest works. Carefully combining black/white texture and softly focused models in full feather of “fetishists” look and a naked body, his elegant, secret pictures fit well any magazine cover, photo albums and erotic press. His works are full of intimacy, they attract by bewitching peeped charm that gives the viewer a sense of belonging to what is happening on the photo. Ernest continues opening new facets of his work and looking for new forms to transfer personal feelings, which he generously shares the audience with. Every time he reveals a different peculiarity of a Woman’s beauty – Her elegance and grace, fashion and fetishes, sexiness and sensuality, provocation and ice-cold indifference, tournures, eroticism and much more, using his huge experience and endlessly varied language of Photography.

Ernest Sinakaryan works with the higher echelon of world-class stars and the most beautiful women. He shoots major events in the cultural life of Ukraine, such as Fashion Week Ukraine, Miss Ukraine and other prime beauty contests, holds personal exhibitions… He owns a personal photo studio called “Angel”, which is located in one of the most beautiful areas of Kyiv: Podol, on the historic and picturesque street of Andriyivskyy Descent, full of tourists from all over the world. Ernest owns his own model agency, where he gathers the most beautiful, sexy, charismatic and talented girls, and through their fruitful cooperation, teaches them the many subtleties of modeling and acting.

In one of his TV interviews, he was asked: “How would you describe the style you work in?” He answered: “I don’t work in one particular style and I am less likely to gravitate to uniformity. In my works I try to push the borders of Photography. Love for other kinds of art helps me in this. There is a term called “synergy”. It means being DIFFERENT in the COMMON. This is a fusion of different cultures, arts, trends and genres. Work in this direction gives tremendous results! But the most important thing – I never get bored, ‘cause the result cannot be known beforehand.” At a press conference during the opening of his solo exhibition, he was asked another catchy question: “Which kind of art influenced your creativity the most?” Ernest answered: “Probably, cinema. I’m strongly influenced by cinema divas from different years, such as Sophia Loren, Brigitte Bardot, Michel Mercier, Anna Karina, and Marilyn Monroe. By the way, I dedicated one of my photo albums (which is currently ready for publication) to this great woman.” “As for modern actresses, I admire the brilliant Angelina Jolie,” Ernest added.

VIP Magazine, 2014

“Speaking about the strong influence of these great actresses on me, I’m not exactly done expressing my thoughts. As a boy I was in love with these beautiful women! Each of them was an example of femininity and sexuality that made me thrill and made my heart beat faster!” “Since then, I have a strong heart,” Ernest joked. He added: “I’ll never forget these feelings! Largely thanks to these ladies, my choice was made as a photographer.” “But no less trepidation have I felt towards the choreography. I love ballet and gymnastics. Ballet is something perfectly beautiful, raised to the highest degree of excellence! As a child, I have always watched the Saturday TV-show “Music Kiosk” about ballet. The anchorwoman was the lovely and beautiful Eleanora Belyaeva. That TV show was a true aestheticism celebration! It’s strongly etched in my memory and, as a result, had a strong influence on my own works. I also can mention my passion for literature, as it increases the intelligence and makes us absolutely open-minded!” said the artist.

These kinds of artist’s revelations help us understand where he draws inspiration from and how he embraces different types of art, to make it clear for the viewer.

Works of Ernest Sinakaryan are presented here – these are just a small part of his extensive collection carefully crafted throughout his successful career. Enjoy!

Fashion Magazine, 2014


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